McDonald's Drouin

The new McDonald's restaurant in Drouin had a desired opening date 5 months from when Parkhill Freeman receiving the town planning documents. In order to achieve the next to impossible deadline, a steel beam and purlin system was conceived to achieve the structural framing, including lateral stability, in steel members only. With significant fast tracking by the builder and reducing the number of trades, this framing system incorporated a double cantilevered entry canopy; a roof well and a 3m cantilevered drive through canopy resulting in the restaurant opening before the deadline.

Further to the tight deadline, the site was also located at the base of a large hill and significant earthworks were required. The initial civil design indicated a 4.5m retaining wall would be required. Following the builder's advice that a block wall solution would be the quickest to build at short notice, a design using ground anchors was devised. Ultimately, the civil design was modified to reduce the retaining wall to 2.4m which did not require the soil anchors.