KFC Cranbourne North

Innovation was key to the design of the structural system for the new KFC restaurant in Cranbourne North. Parkhill Freeman joined the design team once it was discovered that the overall building height was to be reduced 1m without altering the original ceiling heights and mechanical ducting. By implementing an innovative system of column and beam arrangements, Parkhill Freeman was able to reduced the roof level the required amount, while maintaining the architectural features and the mechanical design.

Being founded in the black silts of the former Eumemmerring swamp, particular attention was required to the management of the site during the construction process. Without care, the silt liquefies with very little exposure to water and is notoriously difficult to dry. In consultation with the builder, protective drainage works and the installation of the subgrade was fast tracked. The combination of these works prevented the deterioration of the silt from rainfall and subsequent sub surface flows.