Parkhill Freeman

Formed in 1965 by Doug Parkhill and Don Freeman, Parkhill Freeman is an independent group of consulting engineers wholly owned by the directors. The breadth of the local and international experience was reflected in the rapid growth of the practice across a variety of sectors in the building and construction industry. Continuing the practice after the retirement of the founding directors, Michael Finn and David Free maintained the service through the 1990's until 2007 when Michael retired. In 2022, David welcomed John Porter as a director before retiring in 2023. The diversity of the clientéle persists today, with projects in the residential, commercial & industrial sectors.

Parkhill Freeman's aim is for the highest possible management and technical standards in both its structural and civil designs. This is expressed through the firm's dedication to producing innovative and cost-effective solutions to clients' briefs, within the available time constraints. The size of the company is one which has enabled the directors to maintain personal involvement in all work produced by the office. The client is thus assured of personalised service.