Assumption College

Over a period of many years Parkhill Freeman has developed a warm relationship with Assumption College. From designing and documenting the year 7 & 8 College, extension of the Gonzales & Montagne Centres, the Arts Technology building and the redesign of the carpark and roadways, each project was considered with care to ensure cost effective and speedy construction.

An innovative 'Living wall' air filter was envisioned for the Arts and Technology building. By integrating leafy ferns and grasses with a solid masonry wall, a system was devised that provided passive thermal mass and air filtration to minimise the requirement of the traditional air conditioning system. Parkhill Freeman continued this approach of creative solutions with the design of 12 Tennis courts. With tight controls on the falls of the courts in order to meet the standards of professional competition levels, an ingenious system was developed to ensure the courts drain effectively.