Billanook College PAC

Billanook College's Performing Arts Centre is the culmination of Parkhill Freeman's 40 years of experience with concrete panels. In addition to the precast panel facade providing lateral stability to the steel framed roof, an innovative heat and cooling system was developed. Underneath the tiered seating a plenum was developed to maximise the use of the inherent thermal mass of concrete. By adopting ventilation slots through the seating, a low velocity air handling system could be implemented, further enhancing the acoustic properties of the building.

The stormwater treatment, detention and harvesting were also developed from Parkhill Freeman's extensive experience. Drawing from a myriad of rain garden designs, a pond was specified to handle the 1 in 100 year storm with native reeds planted to treat the stormwater. This drainage and detention pond ultimately discharged to the natural creek that meanders its way through the campus.