Caltex Service Station Mernda

The new Caltex service station and fast food restaurants in Mernda required special consideration of the footings to minimise the impact of the shallow basaltic reefs. These shallow footings, combined with the widespread use of pre-cast panels, enabled significant time and budget savings for the developer. The pre-cast panel design also enabled the developer significant freedom to modify the internal fit out of the restaurants attached to the sales building. During construction, the single occupancy tenancy was reimagined as two smaller areas. This change only required new lintels to create the additional openings in the panels and a new intertenancy wall.

This careful attention was also reflected in the design of the drainage systems and pavement in order to protect the large native trees and a billabong. Limited by the basaltic reef, every length of pipe was examined to minimise the depth required to accommodate the storm water systems.