Eastland LAB

Parkhill Freeman had the pleasure of producing the structural design for the innovative conference centre, restaurant, retail & office spaces & roof top garden, dubbed the Eastland LAB. From the AC using bored piers as chillers & thermal mass to the roof top greenhouse & restaurant, environmental sustainability was at the forefront of the design philosophy. Between the two story greenhouse and aquaculture centre and the purpose designed mushroom farm, the aim was to have a building that would demonstrate what is possible in urban farming.

In order to minimise the material impact of the structure Parkhill Freeman proposed a two way portal frame system with composite concrete slab. By minimising the size of the steel beams and columns, as well as the concrete slabs, the structural system achieved a 50% saving from the estimator's original proposal. Unfortunately, this saving wasn't enough to get the Eastland LAB project greenlit, however, it still goes down as one of Parkhill Freeman's favourite & most innovative design solutions.