With Nature,

Residing at the end of an long drive, the bespoke home was envisioned to blend in with its bush surrounds. The natural aesthetic of the timber roof trusses and the earthen tones of the stone tiles seamlessly tie the expansive indoor areas with the unfettered beauty of this regional pocket of Victoria. Elegantly simple steel cleats were envisioned for the timber truss to highlight the distressed look of the recycled timber. Additionally, a rammed earth wall separates the pavilion from the bedrooms, providing a natural solution providing acoustic and thermal insulation.

Juxtaposed with these natural features, two corrugated iron water tanks stand guard at either side of the courtyard entrance drawing out a nostalgic vision of the pioneering regional homesteads. The floating tin roof completes this blended feel of classic and natural, weaving effortlessly together to create a unique and stylish home that feels in touch with nature.