GYG Campbellfield

Squeezing into the existing car park of Campbellfield Plaza, Parkhill Freeman designed the Guzman y Gomez restaurant from the ground up to maximise the speed of construction and minimise the impact to the surrounding precinct. From the extensive use of prefabricated concrete and steel elements through to careful positioning of the stormwater system, every design element was examined to increase the speed of construction.

This attention to rapid construction was not limited to the external civil works and structure. Through the use of precast panels combined with a steel roof, Parkhill Freeman was able to work with the builder to creat a waterproof shell for the fit out to proceed without interuptions. Additionally, these elements also enabled the slender drive through canopies to gracefully fly out from the building walls. Because of details such as these, Parkhill Freeman is proud of their efforts to help GYG say "Hola!" to Campbellfield.