Hume Valley School

The historic special needs school in Dallas, Victoria, required a complete redevelopment of their Koroit Avenue campus. This project would revitalise the 1968 facilities designed for 144 students into a state-of-the-art campus catering for 250. By staging the development of the horticultural centre, performing arts centre, traffic training facility, gym & classroom and admin buildings, it was possible to minimise the disruption to the operation of the school.

Located in a region renown for basaltic floaters, the ground conditions were further hampered by the discovery of saturated soils. Through careful consideration of the footing systems and a total redesign of the existing drainage systems, the impact of these challenges were reduced and a cost effective design was produced. This focus on creative solutions continued into the design of the structures where timber framed construction was adopted wherever possible to reduce construction costs and to harmonise with the schools environmental goals.