Keysborough College

Formed from the fusion of four former secondary schools, Keysborough College's two campuses were designed with state-of-the-art education facilities capable of supporting 1,200 students each. With the judicious use of timber, steel and pre-cast panels, the structural framing of the PAC & gymnasium, technology and classroom facilities was able to be erected in a cost effective manner. Parkhill Freeman was also indispensable in the design of the subterranean, pre-cast baffle air chiller to treat the air. Through a focus on the detailing, the baffle system was optimised to maximise the efficiency of the heat transfer through the thermal mass of the concrete panels, a conventional AC system was avoided.

This innovated approach continued to the design of the storm water system. The storm water was channelled through 7 filtration pits to remove the contaminates into a 160,000L underground storage tank. In the event that the tank was filled, a series of 900 diameter soakage pipes were buried 4.5m deep to recharge the local aquifer.