Little B
North Melbourne

'Little B', a remarkable residence by Timmins & Whyte, is located on a narrow 'postage stamp' site of only 115 square meters. The immediate locale is predominantly industrial with operating businesses located on all sides. Parkhill Freeman rose to the occasion and devised an elegant wall framing solution that minimised wall thicknesses while maximising thermal rating, fire proofing and left the site accessible for the builders.

The slender, fully insulated boundary walls contrast with the rustic raw industrial chic embodied by the other materials. Lightweight timber floor trusses were adopted to give flexibility for penetrations and services. These members could be carried by a single person. Cleverly articulated details and quirky 'comedic' design elements contrast with the 'tough' surroundings. These include a bespoke segmented 'blade' balustrade at the building's frontage and 'flying ducks' embellishing the concrete panel wall.

Photographs courtesy of
Peter Bennetts