Rural Retreat,
Mt Macedon

Rising out of the ashes of the previous dwelling, the timber clad rural retreat stands on the same grounds scorched by bushfire. In the hope of avoiding history repeating itself, Parkhill Freeman took an active role in the design of the bushfire protection systems. The two, one million litre water tanks were located in the grounds to feed steel pipes specified to drench the eaves and ridge that could operate for three days. Additionally, the sub terranean pipes were concealed under concrete footpaths in order to provide an additional layer of protection.

The house was designed to be in unison with the surrounding hills with floor levels rising and falling to follow the natural ground lines. A care taker's residence and four car garage complete the amenities. Keeping with this natural theme, timber members were adopted wherever possible to reduce the embodied energy and deep roof trusses facilitated the installation of thick insulation bats.