Terminus Hotel

Starting off with nothing more than a sketch on the back of a napkin, Parkhill Freeman took an active role in not just the structural, but also the architectural design of the Terminus Hotel extensions. Between the tight site access and the heritage listed front facade, careful attention was required to every structural element to ensure it could be erected on site.

Even the ground floor slab required special consideration and forethought. With the angle, location or number of columns yet to be determined, a slab was devised to enable the builder to continue construction. This slab also had to allow for penetrations of the trees that make up the 'beer forest', but not be affected as the tree's roots grow. Within the walls of the classic Terminus Hotel, a section of the floor was opened to create a visual link between the ground floor and upper bar.

ArchitectureAU magazine featured the Terminus Hotel renovations. To read the article follow this link.